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“Granat-TLK” Body Armor

  Modular body armor protects a person according to S2, Br1 and Br4  protective structure levels (GOST R 34286-2017). Гранат ТЛК с ВМПЭ ru en C

   The body armor consists of front and back protectors with side plates, interconnected on the shoulders and sides with the fastening and adjusting system, providing individual fitting and eliminating displacement of armor during movement. The front protector is equipped with a valve for additional fixation of side slots.

  Pockets, in which the front, back and side protective barriers are placed, are located on the inner sides of the outer carriers of front and back protectors. In the outer carriers of side plates, there are slots for placement of protective barriers of side plates.

   Additional protective armor elements are installed into the inner slots of pockets of front and back protectors between the anti-ricochet layer and protective barrier of front and back protectors.  

  In the projection of protective barriers of front and back protectors with side plates, the body armor provides the all-round body protection according to S2, Br1  protective structure level (GOST R 34286-2017).

  In the projection of additional protective armor elements, made of ceramic composite armor elements, the body armor provides protection by Br4 protective structure level(additional protection from mild steel-cored bullets (7.62x54 mm cartridges of Dragunov sniper rifle). 

  Modified damping system of body armor, made of 3D grid in the form of vertical stripes with pressed-in  polyethylene foam, reduces after-penetration effect of Br1 and Br4 protective structure levels up to the level, not exceeding the 2nd grade of severity of contusion trauma.

S2 protection level - fragment imitator at the speed of V50% (steel ball with a weight of 1.05 g.)

Br1 protection level - Stechkin automatic pistol, 57-Н-181С 9 mm pistol cartridge, steel core bullet

Br4 protection level -  AK-74 assault rifle, 5.45 x 39 mm cartridge with enhanced penetration bullet (heat-strengthened  steel), index  7Н10

   - AKM assault rifle, 7.62 x 39 mm cartridge with steel core bullet (heat-strengthened steel), index  57-Н-231

    Additional protection - Dragunov sniper rifle, 7.62х54 mm cartridge with mild steel-cored bullet (non-heat-strengthened steel), index  57-Н-323С

Conventional size

Protection area (dm2), not less than

Weight of body armor

by protection levels, 

not more than, kg

Fabric protective barriers

S2, Бр1 

protection level

Ceramic composite armor elements

front and back protectors

 Br4, Br5

protection level




V50%- 550 m/s

I (96-104)





II (104-112)





III (112-120)