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“Granat-06” Body Armor

  Concealed modular body armor (under the outerwear) protects a person according to S, S2, Br1 and Br4  protective structure levels (GOST 34286-2017).Granat 06 Body Armor

  Body armor consists of the outer carriers and soft protective blocks of  front and back protectors, connected in the shoulder area by slings with hook-and-loop fastener and frame-type buckle.

       Slots, into pockets of which the front and back protective barriers are placed of S, S2 (V50%-550 m/s), Br1 protective structure levels (GOST R 50744), are located on the inner sides of front and back protectors.

       Front and back protective barriers have anti-ricochet pockets, into which the ceramic composite armor elements of Br4 protection level (GOST R 50744) are placed.

  Removable body armor cover. Protective barriers are placed in a waterproof case.

  Built-in damper made of multilayer molded fabric with polyethylene foam, reduces after-penetration effect of the protective structure down to the level, not exceeding the 2nd grade of severity of contusion trauma.  


Protection levels (GOST R 50744)

S protection level - knife-bayonet, 6х5 with industrial grinding (impact energy - (49±1) J.

S2 protection level - fragment imitator at the speed of V50% (steel ball with a weight of 1,05 g.)

Br1 protection level - Stechkin automatic pistol, 57-Н-181С 9 mm pistol cartridge, steel core bullet

Br4 protection level -  AK-74 assault rifle, 5.45 x 39 mm cartridge with enhanced penetration bullet (heat-strengthened steel), index 7Н10

    - AKM assault rifle, 7.62 x 39 mm cartridge with steel core bullet (heat-strengthened steel), index  57-Н-231