Производство бронежилетов,
тканей для изготовления СИБ
и других специализированных материалов
Россия, Московская область, г. Щелково

+7 (496) 562-82-09 +7 (985) 776-28-40

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Шелкоткацкая Фабрика

brone razdel Shchelkovsky Silk-Weaving Factory is the organizer of the production of bulletproof vests of all protection classes. Our products are created in our own production from new generation materials, in particular-from aramid fabric, which is characterized by the highest indicators of resistance to breaking loads. Each model is checked for strict compliance with the requirements of GOST and other regulatory documents.
Our catalog presents individual means of armor protection of different types:
concealed and open-wearing body armor;
designed specifically for employees of law enforcement agencies, special forces and civilians;
differing in different degrees of protection;
the cover of the top of bulletproof vests is made of fabrics of various colors and patterns.
Thanks to the ergonomic design, our military tactical equipment and equipment are not only reliable, but also comfortable — they are easy to adapt to different ways of wearing and types of complexion. As a manufacturer, we offer flexible terms of cooperation and the most affordable prices for personal protective equipment.
You can make a batch of bulletproof vests to order — to clarify the scale of the batch, terms and cost, you can ask for advice by phone +7 (496) 562-82-09.